Effects of Floating

Benefits of Floating

7Relieves stress
Decreases the production of the stress hormones – cortisol and adrenalin. Increases the production of endorphins – the happiness hormones.

Alleviates depression
and anxiety. Helps to get rid of bad habits and phobias. Helps to work out a healthy motivation. Deepens contact with one’s self.

Improves sleep
Two hours of floating provides a better rest than a whole night of good sleep. It eliminates the fatigue after long flights. Alleviates the state of chronic fatigue.

Caffeine-slows-growth-of-children-s-plastic-brains-Rat-study_strict_xxlStimulates functioning of the brain

Brings clarity of the mind. Is an ideal space for finding creative solutions and solving problems! Speeds up the learning process considerably. Sharpens senses.



Improves the physical shape
Decreases the probability of stroke by lowering blood pressure and normalizing heart rate and rhythmic contractions. Helps lose weight and maintain optimal weight.

Enhances athletic performance
Floating increases the level of physical energy and concentration by stimulating the circulation of oxygen and alimentary elements in the body. Boosts the immune system.


1479454_10152101328735135_1961558842_nRecommended for Pregnant Women
Floating is one of the best ways of complete relaxation which decreases stress for both mother and child. It also assists in creating deeper connection with the unborn child.



Pain relief
Eliminates pain in cases of arthritis, migraines, back aches and fractures. Speeds up the healing process after trauma.

Relieves the body tension

Relaxes the muscles in case of chronic hypertonicity. Helps pregnant women to take off pressure from joints and the backbone, resulting in a positive effect on the physical and emotional state of the mother and child.



4Meditation and Yoga
Floating is a great help for a serious yoga practitioner. The person in the tank lying in a special solution supporting the body on the surface quickly achieves deep relaxation, whereas the floatation tank blocks all the stimuli of the outside world.

Unique Opportunity
In the old times the sensory deprivation based techniques were only available for the elite circle of initiates. John C. Lilly who was the first to start dealing with isolation again, rediscovered this method of working with consciousness for the contemporary people and enhanced it through modern technical possibilities. Now the floatation tank is a powerful instrument for practice and is available to everyone.

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