Experience Floatation Tank in Toronto!

toronto floatationWe are proud to present Torontonians and anyone living in the GTA with a unique opportunity to  float in a sensory deprivation chamber. You might be wondering what benefits you might get from floating. Check out this page for effects and benefits of floatation. We made it affordable for virtually anyone. However, do not let low prices fool you! Our facility is brand new and everything is top notch!

What is Floating?

Joe Rogan about Floatation Tank

Floating is the quickest and most effective way of deep relaxation and stress relief that mankind has ever invented. The term floating comes from the verb “to float”. An ambiance similar to that of an embryo in a womb is created in a specifically equipped tank. During the floating session the person lies in a saturated Epsom salt solution that sustains the body afloat, similar to the way it does in the Dead Sea. Light, sound and other stimuli of the world around do not penetrate the tank. In the zero gravity state with the gravitational force being compensated, and the water temperature being exactly the same as that of the body (with a precision of 0,1 degree), one easily achieves the level of relaxation unattainable under other circumstances.

astronautZero Gravity

Unless you are an astronaut, floating is your only opportunity to experience zero gravity. Every single muscle and ligament of your body will be able to fully relax. You will not get this kind of relaxation anywhere else including during sleep, deep massage, swimming, etc. You will feel the incredible lightness of being in both literary and figurative sense, as the burden of the gravitational force will fall off your back as well as off your mind.


bcd28ab3cbbe47b683df27676f27c8d1_1024Natural High

The left hemisphere of your brain controls, multiple verbal reactions to external stimuli. While floating, this analytical half of the brain will quiet down which will enable you to hear the figuratively intuitive message of the right hemisphere. Your brain will generate low frequency range theta-waves allowing you to enter a state that Buddhist monks strive to achieve during long years of constant meditation. This deep state increases the production of endorphins – the pleasure hormone – by the brain, so you will experience a true embryonic bliss.

1922738_10152044612641156_1535150187_nInner Cosmos

Moments when we are one on one with ourselves are so rare. A floating session is a possibility to immerse oneself into one’s inner cosmos. Setting off to the journey into the space of your mind will feel like being a pure consciousness free from the limits of the body. It will help you to come to terms with yourself, to get rid of bothersome thoughts, to change your perspective and to discover new positive ways of living.

Floating gives you a feeling of harmony, immunity and deep meditative peacefulness, which stays with you for a long time after the session. Moreover, it has a cumulative effect: the more regularly you practice, the better the results will be.